Netflix & Spotify on Sky Q from £22 a month

Sky and Netflix content side-by-side for the first time in the redesigned Sky Q menu.

The satellite TV firm announced that it is launching NetFlix and Spotify directly on it's Sky Q service.


As part of the new partnership, Sky customers will be able to access Netflix from the Sky Q menu and quickly find their favourite Netflix shows by using Sky Q's Voice Control or text search functionality.


Wired suggest this is just a short-term fix while Sky figures out its future as a streaming platform.


NEW* SKY Q Netflix 4K TV Entertainment Set-Top Box


Existing Netflix customers will be able to easily migrate their account, plus Sky Q’s Voice functionality will be extended to give customers the ability to ask for personalised recommendations such as “show movies for me”.


When and How Much will it Cost ?

Netflix will launch on Sky Q in the coming year.

Details regarding pricing aren't available just yet.


The cheapest Netflix subscription costs £5.99 a month, with the major bonus that users can cancel at any time with no extra costs.

We got an offer of £20 for 18month contract in june, and was told Netflix to be 2 months away.


More worrying, from Sky’s perspective, is who those Netflix subscribers are. In the UK, just over 40 per cent of people aged 25-34 subscribe to Netflix. For the 16-24 age group, that figure is already over 50 per cent. It’s only when you hit the 55-plus demographic that figures for streaming services really start to fall away.


What about 4K TV channels

BT became the first broadcaster to launch an Ultra HD channel to the UK, with BT Sport Ultra HD. 


Sky is the "UK's most comprehensive Ultra High Definition service" through its Sky Q platform launched it's ULRA HD service in August 2016.



Jeremy Darroch, Group Chief Executive, Sky, commented: “The exciting new features coming to Sky Q will enable Sky customers to access even more of the best entertainment delivered over the best product platform. By placing Sky and Netflix content side-by-side, along with programmes from the likes of HBO, Showtime, Fox and Disney, we are making the entertainment experience even easier and simpler for our customers. Our recent announcements mean we will extend our leadership in delivering customers the best viewing and user experience in Europe.”


Reed Hastings, Chief Executive, Netflix, said:“We are delighted to partner with Sky to bring the latest technologies and great stories under the same roof. With this innovative new partnership and Netflix’s stellar line up of original content from across the world, Sky's customers will be able to seamlessly access and enjoy all the best entertainment in one place.”

This European partnership will see Netflix - along with the new Sky TV pack - launch on Sky Q in the UK and Ireland in the coming year. Netflix will launch on Sky Q platforms in Germany, Austria and Italy thereafter.

The agreement with Netflix also extends to Sky’s contract free streaming services. In the UK and Ireland, Sky will launch Netflix as a standalone app on NOW TV’s family of streaming devices including on the recently launched NOW TV Smart Stick. Sky Ticket in Germany and Austria, and NOW TV in Italy, will launch a standalone app on their devices in due course.


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