Eco friendly Sex to lower carbon footprint and save the planet

close up of woman holding condom
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Many products have been made of plastic and other non bio chemicals. But that is changing to help reduce carbon footprint to combat the climate crisis.

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Dr Adenike Akinsemolu, an environmental sustainability scientist

“Being eco-friendly sexually means selecting lubes, toys, bed sheets and condoms that have less impact on the planet,” explains Dr Adenike Akinsemolu, an environmental sustainability scientist

Many lubes are also petroleum-based, and therefore contain fossil fuels. But more water based options are available. It’s even possible to make your own with cornstarch and water.

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Vegan friendly

condom and toy safe.

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The gentle water-based formula has no added fragrance or colours

100 Percent natural ingredients

“The water-based lubricants, organic and vegan condoms are a good pick for having fun and embracing a sustainable sex life,” says Dr Akinsemolu. “They not only cause minor damage to the environment but offer their users a great time.”

Sex toys are another area where the use of plastic is widespread. Steel or glass alternatives are available, while the option of buying rechargeable toys also helps reduce waste. There are even solar powered sex toys on the market.

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Other things to consider such as avoiding shower sex which is using excessive hot water, use led lights or switched off and opt for reusable bamboo washcloths are extra ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

most condoms are made from synthetic latex and use additives and chemicals, meaning they cannot be recycled and are committed to landfills.

Lambskin condoms, which have been used since Roman times, are the only fully biodegradable option. However, they are made from the intestine of a sheep and do not prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

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