IKEA Unveils VINDSTYRKA Air Quality Sensor for Healthy Homes

IKEA has unveiled its new VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor, which allows for real-time monitoring of indoor pollutant levels in the home.

IKEA has unveiled its new VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor, which allows for real-time monitoring of indoor pollutant levels in the home.

Indoor air quality is a crucial factor for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By providing accurate, real-time data on indoor air quality, the VINDSTYRKA sensor can help users make informed decisions about the measures they need to take to ensure a healthier home. Whether it’s increasing ventilation, using air purifiers, or simply adjusting daily habits, the sensor offers an effective tool for improving the overall quality of indoor air.

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According to WHO, 9 out of 10 people globally breathe polluted air. Indoor air can be just as polluted as outdoor air, yet many underestimate the risk of air pollution in their homes.

IKEA says it is committed to helping people monitor indoor air quality, promoting clean air access and awareness.

“Although we spend most of our time indoors, many of us tend to forget about indoor air pollution. We take for granted that the air in our homes is clean, but small everyday activities like cooking or cleaning can contribute to poor air quality just as much as industry or traffic. With VINDSTYRKA, our ambition has been to create an affordable high-performing air quality sensor to help our customers become more aware of the quality of the air they breathe in their homes, says Henrik Telander, Product owner at IKEA of Sweden.

The most harmful pollutants, particulate matter (PM2.5), can’t be seen with the naked eye. VINDSTYRKA features a display that shows PM2.5 levels, humidity, temperature, and TVOC**.

When connected to DIRIGERA, hub for smart products, the sensor makes indoor air quality levels readable in the IKEA Home smart app. In the app, users can also enable VINDSTYRKA to trigger other smart devices, making air quality levels actionable.

VINDSTYRKA can be used on its own, but also to enhance the capabilities of the existing smart air purifier STARKVIND. Connecting VINDSTYRKA to STARKVIND enables the fan speed to be automatically adjusted in correlation with the amount of PM2.5 in the air, ensuring the air in the home is always as clean as possible.

“We want to work for positive change and know that there is no single solution to solve indoor air pollution. We strive to offer a variety of products and smart solutions that increase awareness of indoor air pollution and allow people to make the right changes for a home with cleaner air”, says Henrik Telander.

The VINDSTYRKA will be available to buy starting April 2023.

  • Measures:
    • Particle matter (PM2.5)
    • Humidity
    • Temperature
    • Total volatile organic compound levels (TVOC)
  • Gives a rating on display with green, yellow, and red levels
VOCs, air freshener, glade, warning,
Air Mist Diffusers Awareness Education Warning Air Fresheners Toxic Danger to Human Health and pets and Extremely Flammable

* PM2.5 are inhalable particles, smaller than 2,5 micrometres, that measure 0.1-2.5 micrometres (one thousandth of a millimetre).

** TVOC means total volatile organic compound and is a measure of the pollution load of various gaseous pollutants