NO HDR in Windows 10! Why!

Windows HD Colour HDRThis is what users want.

How My Quest for high dynamic range (HDR) AIO began.


We all have seen those Blu-Ray or DVD's with Ultraviolet download on them. Well Recently early in 2019 Ultraviolet announced it was closing, and so I decided I was going to get all mine downloaded onto my laptop.


To do this I first had to download the Flixster video app and install that. And then I could see the films I had entered my YUV code to list them. But I found one that said it would only accept the UV code via iTunes.

I've not used iTunes since a few years back when I owned an iPhone, but for years now I've been using Android smartphones, since being a techie, the apple phone does not give me what I need.


I really wanted ALL of my films and I thought why not as I might get find some use in having this and so decided what the hell and proceeded to put iTunes onto my laptop.


I went into the software and entered the UV code for my Star Trek disc and now it on my computer. Now this is where it all began!!!


Whilst looking at the playing options inside the software's settings I noticed a HDR option!! Oh cool how excellent, and then clicked it.

Apple iTunes HDR Movies VideoiTunes Movies in HDR


HDR content offers better brightness and color capabilities compared to traditional content (sometimes called standard dynamic range [SDR] content).


I also went and put iTunes onto my main computer but when I tried to enable HDR it was not able to do so. Yes this is when I decided to get a newer All in one that would be able to have this option enabled.


Snapshot of HDR Display Settings on Laptop.

On newer versions of Windows 10, you might have noticed the term Windows HD Color.

Windows 10 HDR Intel UHD graphics display on wLED.

HDR content offers better brightness and color capabilities compared to traditional content (sometimes called standard dynamic range [SDR] content).


You’ll be able to play streaming high dynamic range (HDR) video when your Windows 10 device has a display that’s optimized for HDR video and you have Stream HDR video turned on in Windows HD Color settings.

To find out if a display is optimized for HDR video

  1. Select the Start   button, then select Settings   Apps   > Video playback  .
  2. Under Stream HDR video, select Windows HD Color settings.
  3. Under Choose display, select the display you want to check.
  4. Under Display capabilities, look for the value next to Stream HDR video to see if it says Yes or No.
    Even if it says Yes for Stream HDR video, you might need to change some other settings to play streaming HDR video. See the last section below for details. 


To get the best HDR experience, use a device with a true HDR10 display.

  • The built-in display needs to have a resolution of 1080p or more..
  • The Windows 10 device needs to have an integrated graphics card that supports PlayReady hardware digital rights management (for protected HDR content), and it must have the required codecs installed for 10-bit video decoding.
  • The built-in display needs to let you have control over the backlight, and needs to have a max brightness of 300 nits or more.


For video, the best experience will be on a true HDR display. However, you can still play HDR content on many newer, non-HDR laptops as well.


HDR Videos available on youtube - [HDR10+ / Dolby Vision Grading] HDR-X: Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw Trailer 2

Youtube Video app is not full 4k resolution on UHD Televisions 2160p 1440p



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